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Have you ever looked at a couple and thought that how can they ever be together? Sometimes the oddest couples make it last longer than a couple who might look like they were me ant to be together. This is mainly because, in a relationship, one person makes up for what the other person lacks and vice versa. While there are endless possibilities, who can or cannot be together, some zodiac signs work through the odds and become some of the most powerful couples of them all. No one said that dating someone who is exactly like you will be your perfect match. Sometimes you meet someone completely opposite but they seem like the one for you. Do you want to know which weird couples of the zodiac might make it work?

Being a Capricorn and Other Whatnots

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To create this article, 25 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed , times. Learn more Those born between December 22nd and January 20th fall under the sign of the Mountain Goat, an agile and tough animal which climbs it’s way to the top. Ruled by Saturn, these people can be strong, driven with a cool exterior.

Ruling the topmost house of the zodiac, the 10th house Regnum – Kingdom , these folks want to be on the top of any project they undertake. Dating one will definitely be a process — long and difficult but entirely rewarding. They are dynamic, ambitious creatures that are patient and determined to win. Need some help in courting your Cappy? Here’s how to get the relationship rolling.

You Should Fall For A Capricorn Woman

The hardest part about dating is finding someone who not only enhances your own personality traits, but also complements them. The best relationship is with someone who accepts your faults and can even make up for them with their own unique personality traits. And because astrology plays a big role in not only shaping your zodiac sign’s traits, but those traits you look for in others, you can use this information to determine whether or not you can have a relationship with someone.

So, based on your zodiac sign, what are the personality traits absolutely necessary in a romantic partner? They will bring you to music festivals, theme parks, and many other unlisted escapades.

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How To Love A Capricorn Correctly

Capricorn December 22 – January He’s told you before that sex to him is not knowing where you end and where he begins, and you’re surprised that a man so self-contained allows his body to mesh with another’s so completely. In fact, you’ve learned to pay careful attention to the small things with him—a glance, a touch, a shift in stance speaks volumes about what he’s feeling.

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Yeah, me too. Read your own sign for the roast but mainly read the sign of your new bae to better understand her. Aries has unread messages and no intention of reading them. Nothing else. Maybe it takes them, or you, a few days to reply to a text. Not much. They like the anticipation. You need to wait until you see them in person to act like that.

Taurus is nothing but straightforward. This is how Taurus is reading your text messages.

The Reasons Why Each Zodiac Sign Falls Out Of Love

When you first meet a Capricorn, you will think that they have no sense of humor, that they stay dead serious all the time. But once you get to know them, once you crack through their walls, you will see that they are kids at heart. They are some of the most entertaining people you will ever meet. They will always keep you laughing with their sarcasm and dry sense of humor. You will be encouraged to follow your dreams and will be corrected when you doubt yourself.

It’s obvious that they care, but there’s just a little something holding them back from truly letting you in. Capricorn TraitsVirgoAquariusSign IThought CatalogLet It.

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Capricorns are very prudent signs. They also tend to be a little bit more despondent than other signs. If fact, Capricorns are like the Eleanor Rigbys of the world. So on your date, do your best to cheer up your Capricorn. It might be best to let them decide what to do.

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Show them real accomplishment, a mature personality and emotional intelligence — those are the things that impress a Capricorn. Also, money. Never embarrass a Capricorn. As you get to know your Capricorn, be prepared to be impressed by their social circle. Capricorns have excellent taste in people and only hang around with the best people. Capricorns tend to be serious people, and this works in your favor because they will take your relationship very seriously.

Your relationship will be healthy because it will be a priority to make it so. The way to attract a Capricorn is to be adept. Capricorns are intelligent and value intelligence.

Everything You Need To Know About The Capricorn In Your Life

I know you wish you could have a broken neck instead of a broken heart. But, if everyone in the…. Fall in love with the type of person who wants to build a home with you. Who wants to build…. One day you will meet someone who will knock out the breath from you.

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Capricorns are seriously mature, and aware of how individualistic they are. They are associated with a careful approach and a very responsible attitude. Perseverance, heart and a drive to succeed are all symbolized by these ambitious people. Fortunately, their ability to reach the top and find success in all of their endeavors is a very large aspect of their personality as well.

Capricorns add a very mature, structural support to the Zodiac. They can be hardened in their thoughts and ideas and are often extremely headstrong. Capricorns often limit, rather than expand, and that is due to their conservative nature. They believe that they can achieve everything they dream of if they just stay focused and keep their eye on the prize.

They are patient and persistent, and they do not care how long it takes them to achieve what they have set out to achieve. Capricorns are extremely difficult to pin down and characterize because they embody so many varying personality types. However, mostly every Capricorn has accepted that trial, difficulty, and even suffering are a large part of life. They are very suspicious when things are too easy, and they hate when things are going too well.

Don’t Fall In Love With A Capricorn

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Who you should be in a relationship has been covered before, but which zodiac sign should you avoid? That is a very good question, indeed. The intention of this piece is not to be negative in any way, only to serve as a warning from what could potentially be a mistake on your part. After all, we want to see you beaming with happiness and light. With that out of the way, it is now time to sit back, relax, maybe grab a nicely chilled beverage from your fridge, and read on.

Here comes the answer to your question.

How Every Astrology Sign Texts At The Beginning Of A New Relationship

In bed, Capricorns can be prudish. They like tried and true methods, so stick with what you know works. They love a partner who reassures and supports them, guards their secrets, and is and equal partner to the outward facing world. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday.

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The hardest part about dating is finding someone who not only enhances your RELATED: 5 Strange Myths & Facts About The Capricorn Zodiac Sign (Even If You This article was originally published at Thought Catalog.

Every now and then, often once a day, in the search criteria which led someone to my blog, I find a Capricorn related problem. Capricorns like to give credit where credit is due. Those experts, perhaps? One of the things I like about astrology is that it blends black and white, negative and positive, right and wrong, and so on, it shows two sides, the extremes, and then shows all the stuff which lies in between the two. The sweet spot between extremes can be found, even if just for a moment.

Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, knows how to play with time and stretch moments. It has a positive side as well as its more well known negative side.

Love & Sex with Capricorn

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